Programmed Narcissism

Lately, I’ve become painfully aware of how narcissistic people (including me) can be.

Our entire society has developed into a culture of narcissism. Everything is super customizable to fit “you.” Ads are often marketed with the purpose of allowing you to express your individuality. You can customize laptops to have a kind of pattern you want, you can have a tacky credit card with some random picture, and vanity plates, I can’t even deal with vanity plates (do you really need to have “2fast4u” on the back of your car?)



Social media is the ultimate narcissistic tool because we incessantly post things about our lives: statuses, pictures, videos – and even though you may say you don’t care about “likes” I don’t believe you. Maybe you’re not counting every follower on your instagram account or obsessing over each like on your facebook status but there is a certain feeling of validation, acceptance, or affirmation that comes with receiving a “like.” But why? How often do you find yourself mindlessly liking things on others’ instas or facebooks or retweeting random tweets. Do you generally take a second to absorb what they’re saying and decide whether or not you want to like it? Or do you take a glimpse at it and like it out of habit? I definitely fall into the second category and I’m sure most others do too. So why is it that a “like” makes us feel instantly more connected?

mandatory accompanying selfie

mandatory accompanying selfie

With all of this false connectedness and customizable everything, I think we are getting more and more obsessed with being “an individual” instead of a community. I didn’t join instagram to look at other people’s pictures, I joined to post my own. I scroll through my feed when I’m bored. But I only get excited when I see a little notification pop up that meant someone approves of me. I don’t get excited when I see a picture of someone else. I just mindlessly like it. And they get a little rush of excitement because someone is validating their existence. IT’S ALL SO CYCLICAL AND MUNDANE.

With all this customization and social media I’ve also noticed I’ve become more obsessed with how I look and how I present myself. We have let people have constant access to us via social media. And everything is a reflection of us. Our phone case, twitter background, ig description, pencil case, and THE SELFIE. It’s like we have suddenly become all about “showing the world who we are.” But when everyone is focused on showing their individuality in such superficial ways, no one else is taking the time to appreciate anyone else’s individuality but theirs.

The more we are given tools to “connect” with people and present “who we really are” via things and possessions, the less meaningful our friendships and our identity really become. Our social life happens more on the internet than in person. And our identity is centred on our twitter or blog or instagram rather than a deep understanding of ourselves. The superficial is becoming the meaningful and it’s kind of scary.

Did any of this make sense to you? It’s been pre-occupying me so I had to get it out. Let me know what you think!


My 2012/2013 ultimate music round-up

I am a young adult and as most young adults I love music. My taste in music hasn’t evolved much since I was first allowed to choose what I listened to (about grade 7 if you must know.) I usually listen to rap (usually of the “gangster” variety), dancehall, some pop-ish stuff, some electric-sounding stuff which I am not sure how to classify, and classic rock. I also enjoy classical music but I prefer to listen live (I’m sometimes snobby.)

Since the years 2012 and 2013 have kind of blended together in my memory, this music round-up will include both years.

Without further ado, here are my top songs from the past two years!

From 2013:

Almost every artist I mentioned. Sorry to Konshens, Donnis, Rick Ross, Azealia Banks and Booba for not making it.

Almost every artist I mentioned. Sorry to Konshens, Donnis, Rick Ross, Azealia Banks and Booba for not making it.

Shabba – A$AP Ferg – I LOVED Trap Lord as an album and this was my favourite part of it. Useful for making you feel like Shabba Ranks in a pinch.

No Bueno – Angel Haze – Angel Haze is perfect. She features a fair amount on this list. This song is perfect. As usual. Just trust me.

Work B*tch – Britney Spears – Brtiney Is a queen and we are all her loyal subjects. This is probably my favourite Britney song since she had her highly publicized breakdown (poor girl.) It makes me want to dance and party and most importantly work my a** off so I can be as amazing as BritBrit.

F*ckwithmeyouknowigotit – Jay-Z and Ricky Rozay (Rick Ross fyi) – Another song completely that makes me feel like a gangster when I am in fact, not one. I liked all of MCHG. Didn’t quite get it the day it was released, I think I managed the day after.

Don’t Hold the Wall – Justin Timberlake – Out of all the songs on his album, this is the most memorable to me because it makes me want to dance the most. I’m really digging the whole vibe JT went with on the album. Classy.

YEEZUS IN GENERAL. Yeezus was hands down my favourite rap/hip-hop album of the year. He’s amazing. I can hardly choose my favourites but if I had to I’d say my top songs from Yeezus are Bound 2 and Send it Up.

Double Bubble Trouble – M.I.A. – I love M.I.A.’s new stuff. It’s rap/electronic stuff. It’s super cool. I like the “drops” (is that what they’re called?) Like the part where the electronic-y stuff starts.

From 2012:

212 – Azealia Banks – I LOVE Azealia Banks. I have a total girl crush on her. She has an attitude, she doesn’t care, she starts random beef with all these female rappers. This song was MY SONG for my first year of university.

New York – Angel Haze – Angel Haze can do no wrong in my eyes. She is beautiful and funny and interesting and intelligent and perfect. Okay? This song is a total bad b*tch in charge song.

Chi (Need to Know) – Angel Haze – I must resist putting every Angel Haze song ever on this playlist. But I LOVE this one. As a love song it’s beautiful and I can totally relate. It makes me happy.

Caramel – Booba – If you’re English you may not have heard this song. Booba is a French rapper with really poor taste in names that sound cool.* This song is pretty much your standard: I have lots of money and women and I’m cool rap song. But in French. 10/10 especially if you speak French and understand what he’s saying.

Hobby – Chief Keef – Confession time: I’m obsessed with Chief Keef. Anything he touches is GOLD to me. He is perfect. Yeah, I’m aware that I should be somewhat ashamed of this opinion. Hobby is probably one of my favourite Chief Keef songs so far. Especially ’cause he mentions his penchant for Maseratis (“[…]And I don’t like you neither, but I like Maseratis”) and I love Maseratis.

Hello Kitty – Donnis – Shoutout to a less known artist I stumbled upon. Not exactly the most intellectually-stimulating song. But it’s catchy and FUN FACT: I skyped Donnis once. Because I tweeted him. And he followed me. And we became best friends. Then we Skyped and it wasn’t as magical as I expected but we did have a decent conversation. #Shoutouttomyhomie

EVERYTHING THE GAME RELEASED ON JESUS PIECE! The Game is my favourite rapper. Specifically I loved All that (a pretty cute love song that makes me blush even though it’s not directed at me in any way) and Ali Bomaye (Makes me feel like a gangster.)

Gal a Bubble – Konshens – My favourite dancehall song of 2012. Konshens also has an adorable instagram. I still have to dance every time I hear this song.

*DId you know that during the plague, the term “booba” referred to a common symptom: swollen cyst-like things, under the arms? Sexy.