Why am I here? (Hint: This post does not contain the answers to your existential crisis)

ImageHello everyone!

I know you’re probably sitting there wondering things like “Why am I on this blog?” “Who is this person?” “Why are they writing this stuff?” “Why am I even reading this?” “Is that spinach stuck in my teeth?” “Did I remember to feed my cats this morning?” 

WELL, I can answer most of those questions and more.

You are on this blog because the universe conspired to get you here. So keep reading, because the universe isn’t something to mess with. 

My name is Monica (see attached super cool picture of me), I’m in university doing my undergrad which will hopefully get me into law school so I can rule the legal world. I work part time at an awesome retail store with awesome people – I seriously love myjob. I like books, writing, working out, coffee and other super interesting things that I’ll probably write about at some point.

I am writing a blog because I like the idea of blogs. I’ve had other ones in the past that never amounted to anything (clearly.) Then my dad heard some programme on the radio where this HR recruiting person suggested that one should use social media to showcase their personal brand. He suggested a blog was a good way to do that. Do I have a personal brand? No. Do I want one? YES! Having a personal brand sounds fun. Like: no I am not just Monica, I am Monica™. Also, anything that makes future me more hire-able is a good idea. Do lawyers need a personal brand and a blog? Probably not but maybe by the time I am lawyer-who-needs-a-job aged they will and I want to have practice. 

You’re still reading this because either a) you have to finish reading things you started because even if it’s not that interesting you have a compulsive need to find out the ending. or b) you actually enjoy my writing. EIther way… It’s the universe. I’m telling you. 

For the other questions not related to my blog (cats, spinach, existential crises)I can’t help you. But you just read a decent amount of words which indicates you have a brain so YOU CAN DO IT! Answer those questions! I have faith in you.